NORTHERN MICHIGAN: We will set-up our video surveillance cameras in your home while our employees work on your house! Call us today... 1-231-944-8891


TRUST us to protect your most precious possession…  YOUR HOME!  Watch us on your computer using live streaming technology while you are out of town!

We will set-up our video surveillance cameras in your home while our construction workers & painters finish your house!

Many people want to receive the winter discount offered by Top Choice Painting & Log Restoration, LLC.  From November through May customers can save up to 20% for painting and restoration work done inside their home. However, can you, the homeowner, stay truly involved, even when you may not be at home?  NOW YOU CAN, WHEN YOU CHOOSE OUR VIDEO MONITORING SERVICE!


  • Latest technology devices
  • Multi-camera ability
  • Watch from your computer
  • Monitor your house yourself
  • Trusted contractors!
  • See progress live
  • Get off-season discounts
  • Reasonably priced services

Watch home construction progress!

We have several video surveillance cameras available for you to watch your home construction from anywhere in the world!

Security & Trust

Finally trust someone completely with your house keys!  Walk away free, knowing you can view us working online!

Home Construction Winter Discount

Receive up to a 20% discount when you have us do your work projects during the winter months!

About Our Company

northern michigan home monitoring

Northern Michigan Home Monitoring is a Top Choice Painting & Log Restoration business service.  Chris, the owner of Top Choice, decided to put this business service into practice when he noticed clients concerns regarding being directly involved in the restoration process, during off-season projects. The homeowner may not be immediately available to monitor the progress of the work, so Chris decided to provide a service that would help them stay up-to-date with the changes that are going on in their homes.

“Most clients want to be involved, even when they are away”, Chris says. “It is important to me that they feel a part of what is going on in their home. I also want to give them the assurance that I am treating their home as if it was my own, and that the quality of my work remains constant, even in their absence.”

With the new home monitoring video system, there is no longer a need to be concerned about your house while you are away.  Whether you are on a winter vacation, or living in a second residence, this service allows you to stay involved with decisions and outcomes, as well as help you monitor Top Choice’s progress. Rest easy knowing you can watch us work while we are on the clock. You are guaranteed the satisfaction of getting your project completed during the winter months, giving you the ability to relax and enjoy your home during the busy spring and summer seasons.

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Watch us work in your home!

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